WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) released this statement following Attorney General William Barr’s delivery of a redacted version of the Special Counsel’s report to Congress and the public.  

“Today’s delivery of the redacted Special Counsel’s report underscores the need for Congress to receive the unredacted report and to hear from Robert Mueller himself about his findings. The Attorney General has shown his bias again and again—whether it was the 19-page memo he sent last summer outlining his broad view of Executive Power, the summary of the report he released last month to sway public opinion, or the press conference he held today justifying the President’s actions and setting forth his own interpretation of the report before the public had a chance to review it. This is not about politics—it’s about protecting our democracy.

“The report contains critical information about the tactics Russia used to interfere in our elections—Congress has a constitutional duty to create laws that protect our democracy and we need to know what happened in order to prevent future attacks. This information will help election officials as they work to safeguard our systems ahead of the upcoming elections and it will inform the American people about how adversaries are abusing online platforms to spread misinformation designed to divide us. It will also help Congress understand the urgent need to pass legislation like the Honest Ads Act and the Secure Elections Act. 

“Our democracy was attacked by a foreign power. For the good of our democracy, we need to know everything the Special Counsel and his team learned in the course of their investigation and we need to hear it from them. The American people deserve the truth.”