Minneapolis, MN – U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar released the following statement today in commemoration of Independence Day on July 4th:

“Today we celebrate a proud and defining moment in our nation’s history. It was this day in 1776 that our founding fathers declared us a free country, governed by the values of opportunity, freedom and fairness.   

“The principles outlined in the Declaration of Independence lit a bright torch that has shown the way for countless people in search of a better life—government for the people by the people.

“The Great American Experiment is now the model for democracy. But on July 4th 1776, its fate was anything but certain. We can’t forget the incredible courage and determination of those who signed the Declaration of Independence. They knew that, should they fail, they would be tried as traitors and killed. But they were willing to risk their lives because they believed in something bigger than themselves.

“We see this same patriotic spirit today, in our men and women in uniform, in our veterans and in all those who have honorably served our country. We also see it in the willingness of our people to come together in the face of great challenges. This has been especially clear in Minnesota these last few years, as our state has weathered more than its share of emergencies and natural disasters. The heroic acts of first responders and volunteers throughout our state are a reminder of the strength of the American spirit. Decency, resilience and determination are in the American DNA and they have been since our very first days as a country. This is the American way.

“I wish everyone a happy, safe and memorable Independence Day!”