April 2020

Date Title
4/15/20 Following Request from Klobuchar, Durbin, and Colleagues, Administration Uses Authority to Make Telephone Calls and Video Conferencing Free for Incarcerated People During the Pandemic
4/14/20 Klobuchar, Smith, Wyden, Colleagues Call on SBA to Issue Economic Emergency Loans and Grants to Small Businesses Without Further Delay
4/13/20 Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Klobuchar, Murkowski, Casey, Colleagues Urge Support for Victims and Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
4/13/20 Klobuchar, Menendez, Colleagues Call for Administration to Do More to Help Minority Communities Seeing Higher Impacts from Coronavirus Pandemic
4/11/20 Klobuchar, Smith Announce $306 Million for Public Transit Infrastructure Funding in Minnesota in Response to Coronavirus
4/10/20 On Call with Bipartisan Group of Secretaries of State, Senators Klobuchar, Coons, and Wyden Discuss How to Secure Additional Funding for Elections and Protect Voting Rights During Coronavirus Pandemic
4/10/20 Klobuchar, Casey Legislation to Increase Seniors' Virtual Connection to Health Care and Community During Coronavirus Outbreak Gains Bipartisan Support and Endorsement from AARP
4/9/20 Klobuchar, Blumenthal, Colleagues Urge Support for Local Journalism Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic
4/9/20 Klobuchar, Smith Announce over $47.5 Million for Housing in Minnesota in Response to Coronavirus
4/8/20 Klobuchar, Wyden, Colleagues Request Coronavirus Testing Data from CDC to Ensure Effective Response to the Pandemic