March 2022

Date Title
3/23/22 VIDEO: Shortly After the Supreme Court Issues Another Shadow Docket Decision, Klobuchar Highlights Court’s Troubling Practice of Issuing Important Decisions on Emergency Docket

February 2022

Date Title
2/15/22 VIDEO – At Open Markets Institute Conference, Klobuchar Highlights how her Bipartisan Legislation to Stop Big Tech Self-Preferencing Will Boost Innovation and Protect National Security
2/9/22 VIDEO – On Senate Floor, Klobuchar Highlights New Bill to Lower Prescription Drug Costs
2/2/22 VIDEO – “Not Friends to Journalism”: Klobuchar Holds Senate Hearing to Highlight Big Tech’s Harm to Local News Outlets

January 2022

Date Title
1/19/22 “There’s No Mention of a Filibuster in the Constitution”: On Senate Floor, Klobuchar Urges Colleagues to Support Changing Senate Rules to Protect Americans’ Voting Rights
1/19/22 “We Must and We Will Fight On”: Klobuchar Closes Day of Floor Speeches Urging Colleagues to Protect Our Democracy
1/18/22 VIDEO – “The Right to Vote in This Country is Non-Negotiable”: On the Senate Floor, Klobuchar Emphasizes Need to Update Senate Rules to Protect Our Democracy
1/17/22 IN UKRAINE: Klobuchar Emphasizes Bipartisan Commitment to Defending Ukraine in the Face of Russian Aggression, Highlights Minnesota Ukrainian-American Community
1/17/22 “We Stand with Ukraine:” Following Meeting with Ukraine President, Klobuchar Reiterates Support for Ukraine in the Face of Russian Aggression
1/7/22 VIDEO: On Senate Floor, Klobuchar Calls for Immediate Action to Protect Our Democracy