Supporting Families and Children Through Immigration and Adoption

Immigrants are an important part of our communities and our economy, especially in Minnesota. Immigrants don’t diminish America, they define America. They strengthen America. They are America. We cannot afford to shut out the world’s talent or drive away those who call our country home.

My office has a proud tradition of assisting immigrants and refugees. Clara Haycraft, a first generation immigrant, has run our constituent services for over seven years. Every year we help hundreds and hundreds of Minnesota immigrants with citizenship, asylum, and visa issues. We are especially proud of the cases where we have helped immigrant families cut through the red tape and obtain citizenship as permanent residents of our state or to reunite with loved ones trough the immigrant visa process.

Minnesota also has a strong tradition of adoption, and year after year we lead the nation in international adoptions. Like so many Minnesotans, I share the belief that every child should have a safe home and a loving family. Because of this belief, and because we have so many Minnesotans who choose to adopt, I have been working hard both in Washington and right here in Minnesota to advocate for adoptive families and children. In particular, my office has worked closely with adoptive Minnesota families to help them bring their children home from countries such as Guatemala, Nepal, and Uganda. Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Minnesota families who had pending Haitian adoptions began contacting my office for help bringing their children home. Some orphanages had been damaged or destroyed in the quake, and parents were frantic to make sure their kids were safe - and to get them to the United States quickly. Over the course of approximately two months following the earthquake, my office worked with 25 families to help unite 39 Haitian children with their new families in Minnesota.

General Immigration Information

My office is available to help constituents trying to navigate our immigration system. If you have applied for citizenship or residency, our office is often able to send inquiries to federal agencies on your behalf and streamline the immigration process. For assistance, please call my office at 612-727-5220.

General Adoption Information

If you are interested in learning more about international adoption, I would encourage you to visit the Department of State adoption website at Here, you can check for adoption alerts in specific counties, learn about the adoption process, and even find a Hague-accredited adoption agency.

Already in the adoption process?

If you are already in the process of completing an international adoption and need assistance, my office is available to help. As adoptive parents know, the process is long and can be difficult. Even if parents follow every step exactly as they should, they can still find themselves caught up in government red tape. Whether you are just starting out and working with United States Citizenship Immigration Services, already in-country and completing your adoption at an embassy, or home with your adopted child, my staff may be able to assist you. Please call my office at 612-727-5220.