WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar and Representative Tom Emmer will join President Obama when he visits Cuba on March 21. This will mark the first visit to Cuba that a sitting president has made since Calvin Coolidge in 1928.

Klobuchar is the lead Senate sponsor on Freedom to Export to Cuba Act, which would lift the trade embargo between the U.S. and Cuba. Emmer is the lead sponsor of a similar bill in the House.

A press release from Klobuchar’s office stated that she is working on a bipartisan effort to lift the embargo so that jobs could be created in the U.S. and exports from Minnesota to Cuba could double.

“After more than 50 years of failed policy, it is time to change course with Cuba. Our historic visit later this month is a major step forward. The next step is for Congress to pass our bipartisan legislation to lift the trade embargo so that more U.S. goods can be exported to Cuba,” she said in the release.

Emmer stated that improving our relationships with “our next door neighbor,” strengthening our national security and expanding our markets should be a nonpartisan issue. “Minnesota is the third largest agricultural exporter in the country, and we have a great potential to benefit from millions of new consumers right here in our own backyard,” Emmer said in the release.

The Freedom to Export to Cuba Act would allow more U.S. goods to be exported to Cuba. The bill would also eliminate the legal barriers for Americans doing business in Cuba and boost exports and job creation. However, the bill would not repeal any provisions of the current law that allow individuals or businesses to pursue claims against the Cuban government or address human rights issues.