Fox 21

By Mason Kroll

DULUTH, Minn. – Senator Amy Klobuchar visited the DECC Thursday to highlight federal funding secured last week that will go to projects in the Northland.

This funding is through the Fiscal Year 2023 federal budget and will be used to improve infrastructure, expand housing resources, and support workforce development. Specific projects include giving CHUM $2 million dollars to help with the housing and homeless crisis, and aiding water infrastructure issues in Beaver Bay.

Klobuchar says her focus when seeking funding starts with infrastructure, followed by childcare, and public safety.

“I think one of the things you have when you’re a hot market and a hot area that always leads to the other challenge, that is good to have, but workforce issues, childcare issues, housing cost issues; part of this is because it’s such a hot place to be,” Minnesota Senator, Amy Klobuchar says.

Part of this funding, $500 thousand dollars, is going toward upkeep and improvements on the aerial lift bridge.

“It is an incredibly, beautiful, living sculpture that also has to work. And so, while it is not on the edge of being unsafe for anybody, it just takes a lot to make sure that it continues to be the viable entrance to the port,” Duluth Mayor, Emily Larson says.

Additional projects that will receive a part of this funding include technical education and upgrading the city’s fiber optics to increase internet speed.