Brownfield Ag News

By Mark Dorenkamp

Payments from the expanded Coronavirus Food Assistance Program continue to be distributed.

U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar, a Democrat from Minnesota, tells Brownfield about $4.5 billion is being used to carry out the mandated $20 per-acre flat rate for eligible row crop producers.

“As you know, this pandemic has placed an incredible financial burden on our farmers. And we depend on them and need to have their backs.”

Following review by the Biden administration, the Consolidated Appropriations Act also included additional CFAP assistance of over $1 billion for cattle producers.

“When I had heard about this (during) a hearing, I pushed for it to include money for dairy farmers, biofuel processors, and livestock and poultry producers who lost animals due to packing plant closures.”

The original signup period for CFAP2 ended in December, but Ag Secretary Vilsack reopened signup last month with a deadline expected at a later date.