Congressionally Directed Spending Requests

The Senate Appropriations Committee announced the return of Congressionally Directed Spending (CDS) in the Fiscal Year 2022 federal appropriations process. Any CDS request must comply with Senate Rule XLIV.

Congressionally Directed Spending is capped at one percent of all discretionary spending. For-profit entities are not eligible for Congressionally Directed Spending. A specific list of accounts that are eligible for CDS requests can be found here. Only these accounts are available for CDS requests.

Members are required to post Congressionally Directed Spending requests 15 days after the subcommittee deadline for submitting requests. Members must also certify in writing that they are not pursuing any request to further his or her financial interest or that of his or her immediate family. In total, the following information must be disclosed publicly:

  • Member name & state
  • Recipient name
  • Project purpose
  • Project location
  • Amount requested
  • Financial certification letter

 Disclosure of Congressionally Directed Spending Requests