Mr. President, I am very happy today that we have reached an agreement, and I want to thank Senator Murray for her leadership, Senator Reid, Senator McConnell and Senator Cornyn. The two of us have worked on this issue for years, and finally we're going to be able to move these really important bills forward. What this compromise does is really set up two funds.

The first uses Senator Cornyn's fund, which is fees on perpetrators, and uses that for things like shelters and law enforcement, things that we envisioned would be used for people to combat sex trafficking. The second fund is a medical fund, and it's really based on the same principle that we used with the SGR fund that we just voted on. That bill passed 92-8. The fund would receive a minimum of $5 million and would be matched up to $30 million as funding that the Cornyn fund goes up, and so it really is a parallel fund, but serving the exact same purpose.  

And this is a way that we were able to eliminate extraneous provisions but still keep the spirit of this really important bill and allow us to move on to my bill, the Stop Exploitation Trafficking Act, which really is about not prosecuting kids under 18. Huge bipartisan support over in the house. Passed unanimously through the Judiciary Committee and will be one of the amendments to this bill.

I want to again thank Senator Murray for her leadership. We've been a team on this, and we've been able to work with Senator Cornyn and our friends across the aisle to get this done, and it is also time, I will end by saying, to confirm the next attorney general of the United States, Loretta Lynch. Thank you. I yield the floor.