MINNESOTA - U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) released the statement below in honor of Veterans Day.  

“Amid all of the uncertainty in the world right now, we remain grateful for those who have put their lives on the line to defend our freedom.

It’s been said that “the nation which forgets its defenders will itself be forgotten.”

I have long believed that when we ask our young men and women to defend and fight for our nation, we make a promise to take care of them when they return home. I have worked hard to ensure that we provide our veterans with the full benefits and support they deserve.

Last year, we took critical steps toward delivering on that promise when the bipartisan PACT Act was signed into law. This historic legislation will ensure that Department of Veterans Affairs benefits include comprehensive care for veterans who were exposed to burn pits and other toxic substances during their service.

This is a big step toward honoring our commitment to veterans, but we all know there’s still more to do. We must ensure that our service members get the jobs, healthcare, and benefits they have earned when they get home. We must fight for them as they have fought for us.

I was lucky to call the late Senator and war hero, John McCain, a colleague and a friend. 

While in Vietnam, John was a prisoner of war and he made the courageous decision to not be released and to allow others to be released before him. John was beaten and tortured because of that decision. Through it all, he had this incredible resilience — a true American hero.

The last time I saw John was with my husband when we went and visited him and his wife Cindy at their ranch in Arizona. He pointed to a sentence in his book and told me ‘that’s all that matters.’ 

It said: ‘Nothing in life is more liberating than to fight for a cause larger than yourself.’

That’s what our country is all about — whether we agree on things or not, America is bigger than those disagreements. And that’s what our veterans signed up to serve for: something bigger than ourselves.

To all of our Minnesota veterans and service members and the families who stood by their side — there is no limit to the respect you’ve earned, and there is no limit to the debt we owe you. You represent the best of America. 

Thank you for your service and dedication to our country.”